Praise for My Heart Lies Here

What Readers Are Saying about MY HEART LIES HERE

The sky above Berwind Canyon

The sky above Berwind Canyon

Just started your book, can hardly put it down.

Penny Ann H.

 I loved your book.

Sheila K.

 It’s well written, engaging, and a delight to read. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Excellent job!

Elodji. M.

I would like to recommend your book to our book club to read next year.

Doris S.

I also wanted to tell you that I read your book and really enjoyed it. I always judge a well written book by whether or not I can see it taking place in my mind as I read. I could definitely “see” your words as I read and I loved your characters and I even thought about who I would pick to play them in a movie. I enjoyed your mix of Scottish and Greek cultures and language. It was amazing to realize that the events you wrote about really did occur in our Colorado history and to read about what incredible hardships those people endured. I thought it was great and can’t wait to read your next creation.

Kathryn B.

 I love your descriptions and really felt as if I was in the mining camps while reading. This story would make a great movie!

Candy P.

Excellent!  I could not put it down, and felt like I was part of the story. 

Susan M.


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