About lost ranch books

oak brush 001lost ranch books is the fulfillment of a dream.

I have always wanted to publish my novels and collections of short stories. lost ranch books gives me to opportunity to do just that. I hope you will enjoy the discussions, conjectures and ruminations that you find on this site, and I invite you to participate in the conversation by posting comments and asking questions.

I’ve called my imprint lost ranch books, because there is a lost ranch in my past. I was raised on a 2,000 acre cattle ranch in Colorado, only a half-hour from the city of Denver. In the 1980s, given Colorado’s rapacious enthusiasm for development, my family recognized that it would be impossible to keep ranching. Our fences were cut by poachers chasing after deer or by recreationists on ATVs who wanted to ride on open land at the same time that local officials started balking at policing “private property.” The tax code changed, effectively punishing those who owned large tracts of land, and the questions surrounding inheritance and the “death tax” seemed insurmountable. Like so many other ranchers in Colorado, my family sold the ranch to developers.

lost ranch books honors that lost land, that lost way of life, that lost idyll of existence. It honors those who, like me, cannot quite find footing in a more populated, urban world where land is a commodity and little more.pikes peak

On this site, I’ll be discussing some of the creative decisions I’ve made in my writing, the writing process itself, and the history that surrounds my works. I’ll also be announcing upcoming publications and responding to comments and questions. I hope you enjoy the upcoming offerings from lost ranch books.

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